National Registration Policy

National Registration Policy

National Registration

Policy Section: Board
Policy Subsection: Sport Development Policy
Policy Title: National Registration

Swimming Canada maintains a national registry including Provincial Section members, Special Interest Group members (High Performance Clubs, CSCTA, Athletes Council, OCRC, MSC), clubs, swimmers, coaches, and officials.


National Registration, guided and directed through a central point, is intended to make it possible for swimmers to make a smooth transition between developmental levels and governing jurisdictions. The national registration process also serves to track and monitor the demographic profile of the Swimming Canada membership for the purposes of reporting, strategic planning and programming. National registration system data is tied to competition entries, results, rankings and records for the purpose of accurate and prompt postings, and development and maintenance of competitive results history.


Swimming Canada sets rules and procedures for all aspects of swimmer registration.  Provincial Section members have the obligation to inform clubs and club registrants on procedures and consents required.  Provincial Section members may introduce  procedures and rules in addition to Swimming Canada’s standards and requirements.

An on-line database will be maintained by Swimming Canada for the purpose of Provincial Section, special interest group members, club, university/college team, coach, officials and swimmer registrations under the supervision and accountability of the CEO or delegate.

All Provincial Section members, special interest group members, swimmers, coaches and officials must be registered on an annual basis.

Body Action
CEO Ensure the maintenance, protection and archive of a national registration database for the purposes outlined in this policy.
Determine and communicate the requirements for registration of Provincial Sections, special interest group members, clubs, coaches, officials and swimmers to the Provincial Sections.
Develop and implement procedures that address requests for transfer between clubs and provinces, and for resignation from Swimming Canada.

Personal registration information cannot be used by Swimming Canada without expressed written consent of the individual as outlined in the Board: Privacy Policy.


Board Policy: Privacy
Swimming Canada General By-Laws
National Registration Policy, Procedures and Rules Manual
Swimming Rules of Swimming Canada

Review and Approval
Review & Approval August 28, 2007
Reviewed: May 26, 2009
Approved: October 23, 2009
Reviewed: May 7, 2013
Approved: September 18, 2015



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National Registration Policy, Procedures and Rules Manual - July 23, 2018 National-Registration-Policy-Procedures-and-Rules-Manual-July-23-2018.pdf