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CanadaLong Course
Men, OpenTop TimesSeason 2017
Last Changed
IndividualsAthletesYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50m FreestyleBOUGIE Spencer1994Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
100m FreestyleMCGILLIVRAY Scott1995University Of TorontoUnionville
200m FreestyleDAVILA Rafael1998Island Swimming ClubSurrey
400m FreestyleDAVILA Rafael1998Island Swimming ClubSurrey
800m FreestyleMASSE-SAVARD Nicolas1995Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
1500m FreestyleMASSE-SAVARD Nicolas1995Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
50m BackstrokeST-MARTIN Loic2000Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
100m BackstrokeBERNARD Graysen2002Toronto Swim ClubUnionville
200m BackstrokeBERNARD Graysen2002Toronto Swim ClubUnionville
50m BreaststrokeMILANOVICH Alexander2002Etobicoke Swim ClubUnionville
100m BreaststrokeISINGS Connor1998Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
200m BreaststrokeTELFORD Ryan1998Ajax Aquatic ClubUnionville
50m ButterflyLEROUX Frederick1988Neptune NatationPointe-Claire
100m ButterflyGOIN Emil1999Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
200m ButterflyWILKINS Connor1996University Of British ColumbiaSurrey
200m MedleyTELFORD Ryan1998Ajax Aquatic ClubUnionville
400m MedleyTELFORD Ryan1998Ajax Aquatic ClubUnionville
LapsAthletesYoBClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
50m Freestyle LapsBOUGIE Spencer1994Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
100m Freestyle LapsCHIRAKORN Parry1999University Of Calgary Swim ClubCalgary
50m Breaststroke LapsISINGS Connor1998Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
100m Breaststroke LapsKWINTER Russell2006Etobicoke Swim ClubEtobicoke
50m Butterfly LapsDALY Owen1995Club Aquatique MontrealMontreal
100m Butterfly LapsGLAZER David2006Etobicoke Swim ClubEtobicoke
Club RelaysAthletesClubTimeDateCity (Nation)
4 × 50m FreestyleBOUGIE S., ADAMS B., GOIN E., GOIN A.Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
4 × 100m FreestyleMILOSEVIC S., PEDDIE L., BROWN J., THERRIEN A.University Of British ColumbiaSurrey
4 × 50m MedleyGRANT A., ISINGS C., GOIN A., BOUGIE S.Pointe-Claire Swim ClubPointe-Claire
4 × 100m MedleyHARRIS A., KWINTER R., GLAZER D., MAHER K.Etobicoke Swim ClubEtobicoke