Masters Swimming

Masters Swimming

Policy Section:  Board

Policy Subsection:  Program Policy

Policy Title: Masters Swimming

Policy Statement

Swimming Canada maintains a relationship with Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) based on shared goals and objectives and common adherence to rules for the conduct of swim competitions. This relationship is maintained by mutual support and effective communication.


Swimming Canada believes that every individual in the sport of swimming should be able to reach his or her maximum potential in fitness and excellence. To that end, Swimming Canada supports the efforts of MSC for the purpose of program development, coaching development and competition.


The Swimming Canada Board of Directors will appoint a Swimming Canada Liaison with MSC. The Swimming Canada Liaison may be a Board member or may be a qualified person from the broader swimming community.

The Swimming Canada Liaison will act for a period of one year and provide a process for bringing forward business information and issues of Masters Swimming Canada.
Specifically the Swimming Canada Liaison will;

  • Present regular reports to the Swimming Canada Board through the Chair of the Program Policy Committee of Swimming Canada
  • Offer advice on issues as requested from MSC
  • Present MSC issues to the Swimming Canada Board
  • Represent the Swimming Canada Board and Swimming Canada issues at the MSC Annual General Meeting
Body Action
Board of Directors Appoint the Swimming Canada Liaison to Masters Swimming Canada.

None apparent



Review and Approval

Approved by The Board           February 12, 2007 Reviewed and Approved:        March 28, 2009